invited Khaled Al-Batsh, member of the Political Bureau of the Islamic Jihad Movement, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas; To come to the Gaza Strip, to build an inclusive national strategic vision; To confront the plans of the occupation and the American “deal of the century”

Al-Batsh said: It is required to hold the interim leadership framework and invite the general secretaries of the Palestinian factions, stating that the way to drop the (deal of the century), protect the Palestinian land from Judaization, and impose the alleged sovereignty over it, first passes through the field, and the restoration of national unity, And end the division.

He explained that the implementation of these two conditions succeeds the efforts of the Palestinian people to drop the deal, and prevents the occupation from annexing the lands of the Palestinian Valley and the West Bank, and without this, no one will fulfill this duty, calling on all; To participate in the National Rage Day tomorrow, Wednesday, as well as to participate in the mass rally in Gaza.

Al-Batsh indicated that this march will express the unity of the Palestinian people, in the face of annexation and theft of land in the Jordan Valley and the West Bank, and these marches will send messages to the whole world that the Palestinian people are against (the Trump deal) and projects to liquidate the national cause.

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