Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Orisco confirmed in a telephone conversation today with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Dr. Riyad Al-Malki, on Romania’s firm stance on the Palestinian issue, which is in line with international legitimacy and international law, and within the united European stance, which was announced recently by the European Union’s Policy and Security Minister, Joseph Burrell.

The Romanian Minister also stressed the importance of returning to negotiations between the Palestinian and Israeli sides on the basis of international legitimacy, his rejection of any unilateral measures, and the need to respect international law of law.

He hoped that the European Union would play an active role in persuading the two parties to return to the negotiating table, and his country’s readiness to facilitate this if it was asked to do so, as happened in the past.

The Minister also referred to the Romanian position rejecting the transfer of his country’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, pointing to the solid position expressed by the Romanian President on this issue.

He also affirmed his desire to develop bilateral relations between Romania and Palestine, especially the importance of holding the Joint Ministerial Committee and in activating the signed agreements.

This has invited Minister Al-Maliki to visit Romania when the opportunity arose.

The two ministers discussed the conditions of their countries in facing the Corona pandemic, and the importance of continuing health protection measures.

Minister Al-Maliki thanked his Romanian counterpart for his position in the recent European ministerial meeting with the American Secretary of State, speaking on behalf of European countries in rejecting annexation and unilateral measures, and the need to adhere to international legality and international law and respect them in order to reach peace in the Middle East region.

He also thanked him for Romania’s financial support to (UNRWA), and its continued provision of scholarships for Palestinian students to study in Romanian universities.

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