Colonel Fahd Harb, the inspector of road accidents investigations in Gaza, said that this month witnessed an increase in the rates of road accidents and deaths, pointing out that the Gaza Strip recorded five deaths and a number of serious cases.

Harb added, in a special statement to “Dunia Al-Watan”: “We, as a general directorate of traffic, our procedures do not go out of the ordinary work from applying the law, and there will be an increase in our control procedures for the violating driver.”

Harb continued: “We have deployed numbers of police officers on the main streets, especially Salah al-Din and Rashid, and we have given instructions to hold any driver driving at a crazy speed accountable, given that the most important reasons that led to these accidents are crazy speed.”

Harb completed: “Our instructions were regarding the tightening of violations and financial fines for violators, and we will not be lenient in our procedures that are in accordance with the law and not out of the work of the Traffic Department in order to preserve everyone.”

He added: “The nature of our work as a general department for traffic is to work continuously and habitually in controlling the traffic situation and monitoring the driver, and we will not deviate from the usual work, but with emphasis, we will hold accountable any driver who is going crazy and endangers his life and the lives of others in danger, and we will not be lenient in holding the driver accountable.”