A spokesman for the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) Abdel-Latif Al-Qanoo ‘stressed that the difficult stage our case is going through and the seriousness of the annexation plan, which aims to steal West Bank lands; Calls for a popular movement in the West Bank, and the release of Palestinian hands there; To confront the occupation at military checkpoints and points, to thwart his plans.

In a statement through the official website of the movement, Al-Qanu` stressed that the unity of the factional stance and the great popular movement rejecting the annexation plan requires a political stance on the authority against the occupation, is consistent with the dangers of the stage, reflects the aspirations of our people, and expresses its anger.

He pointed out that the great popular movement today in the Gaza Strip, which rejects the annexation plan, and the size of the anger in the Palestinian masses, is to affirm the unity of our people by rejecting the Zionist annexation plan, and its insistence to thwart it, and that its options are open to confront the occupation.

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