The “Relief Agency Department in the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine Liberation” valued the Arab and international efforts, which were being made to reduce the deficit in the UNRWA budget, after the value of the deficit reached alarming numbers, which still threatens the future of (UNRWA) and its services Different in the five areas of operation.

The department said: Our people view positively that some donors meet UNRWA’s repeated calls, which resulted in reducing the deficit from about (800) million dollars to about (330) million dollars, whether through the New York conference or because of efforts that led some donors to provide They have obligations, but despite that, the deficit is still large and high, and requires the continuation of efforts in more than one direction, and there are many indications, confirming the possibility of filling the deficit, compared to previous years, in which the value of the deficit exceeded more than (450) million dollars, But with the will and efforts of all parties, the deficit was overcome, and UNRWA even achieved a fiscal surplus.

The Relief Agency Department shares the opinion of the Agency Commissioner with the necessity of “returning to the old and new donors … and seeking to increase the donor base in order to obtain sustainable funding for several years,” according to several agreements and understandings previously obtained between (UNRWA) and a number of countries; As it is not reasonable that the deficit be a stable and basic feature that can only be covered by donor conferences that are similar to begging, and in this framework we call on Arab donors, traditional and new, to make their financing for UNRWA’s budget sustainable, especially since what (4) countries provided during the two years The past two donations had an important impact in tackling the disability problem.

The “Relief Agency Department at the Democratic Front” alerted all Palestinian and Arab authorities and the UNRWA to the dangerous conditions experienced by the Palestinian refugees in all areas of operations, as a result of the pandemic (Corona) repercussions, as (UNRWA) says that the number of those who need regular assistance by (UNRWA) It increased from about one million and one hundred thousand to one million two hundred thousand, and the actual number of those who need help is much higher, as a result of the criteria used by UNRWA, which requires reaffirming the necessity of the urgent response of the donors to the appeal launched by UNRWA in May. Last May and swallowed (93.4) ​​million dollars.

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