The Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Mrs. Rula Maayah, received the Hungarian Ambassador to the State of Palestine, Ambassador Chaba Rada, accompanied by Honorary Consul of Hungary, Dr. Nassar Khamis, in the presence of Mr. Majid Ishaq, Director General of Marketing at the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, where the meeting took place at the headquarters of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in the city of Bethlehem.
Ma`ia welcomed the ambassador, speaking on the image of the latest political developments that the region is going through in general and the Palestinian issue in particular, especially in light of the Israeli occupation government’s insight. To move forward with the policy of annexing the Palestinian lands, which constitutes a real threat to the two-state solution, in addition to the ongoing attacks on the Palestinian archaeological and heritage sites by the Israeli occupation.

Maayya stressed that the Palestinian government gives the Palestinian tourism sector the necessary priority, as the Palestinian private tourism sector was the first to be affected by the result of this pandemic, and the last sectors will be recovered, which created a number of challenges that must be overcome through cooperation and partnership between all.

She explained that there is a lot of work being done by the government and the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities; To confront the crisis, by preparing plans and programs at several levels, and preparing for the next stage; To be ready and ready to start work, when conditions allow for the re-circulation of the wheel of tourism, these plans and programs, including those related to Palestinian tourism promotion, enhance trust and re-link with global tourism agencies, including those that depend on the rehabilitation and development of the tourism sector.
The two parties discussed ways to coordinate efforts to make joint tourism marketing, immediately after the completion of the Corona pandemic, in order to attract new Hungarian tourism delegations to Palestine, in addition to the need to develop joint global tourism promotional plans; For both parties to benefit from the accumulated experiences.
On his part, Ambassador Rada talked about the importance of bilateral relations between Palestine and Hungary, confirming his aspiration for more cooperation in the tourism field, especially in light of what Palestine possesses important and qualitative experiences in this field.

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