Palestinian factions, today, Wednesday, during the mass rally in Gaza, called for a comprehensive national rise to confront the settlement occupation and its American-backed projects, stressing that they are not late in sacrificing the precious and precious, in defense of Palestine.

The factions added: “We call for achieving our national unity, the unity of the Palestinian political struggle, and the end of the black division, which must end immediately, so the annexation and the (deal of the century) cannot be faced as we are divided. No liberation movement succeeded in defeating occupation and colonialism, and it is not unified.” .

The factions stressed that the step taken by the PLO, by decomposing agreements with the occupation, is a good step, which must be completed by applying all the decisions of the Central and National Councils, especially in light of the escalating Israeli incursion.

It called for a struggle strategy; To safeguard our national rights, under the umbrella of the PLO, with this we can address the world more forcefully, and refute the flimsy arguments of some brothers and friends, who evade their obligations and responsibilities due to them regarding the Palestinian issue.