The director of the Health Information Center at the Ministry of Health, Hani Al-Wahidi, said that the work of the “Herams” system has been activated, which is the evaluation of available resources and medical services, which is sponsored by the World Health Organization, by a decision of the Undersecretary Dr.¬†Yousef Abu Al-Reesh, with direct follow-up from the Health Information Center.

A noted. Al-Wahidi, the participant team was determined and identified, in addition to holding a workshop to assess the entry and make the necessary adjustments to that, pointing out that data entry has started since the beginning of January of the current year 2020, in order to extract the required reports and statistics.

The Herams system is one of the tools of the World Health Organization WHO to assess the availability of available resources and medical services, which is necessary to understand the capabilities and weaknesses of health systems, and is used to obtain information in emergency situations.

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