, the media spokesman for the Palestinian Ministry of Interior, Brigadier General Dr. Ghassan Nimer, this morning, Thursday, that the scenario of complete closure in the West Bank is still present and exists in the event of a significant increase in the number of people infected with the emerging (Corona) virus.

Nimer said: “The scenario remains in the case of increasing the number of injured, as the government will be forced to take strict measures again, so that the citizen understands the importance of adhering to the preventive measures.”

He added: These decisions depend on the citizen’s commitment to preventive measures, and his protection of himself and his family from this virus.

He pointed out that all governorates are currently open all days, and there is no closure, not hours or areas, except for our people in 48, who we hope will not enter the West Bank lands to control the virus.

He explained that the decisions taken yesterday were based on recommendations to open all sectors in order to move the wheel of the Palestinian economy. For the return of life to all sectors of Palestinian society.

Nimr pointed out that there is still fear of the return of a large spread of the virus, and the scattering of the epidemic map, as we see in the Hebron governorate so far, there is no clear map of the virus.