Gaza-together- Qatari ambassador Muhammad Al-Emadi, head of the Qatari Committee for the Reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, since his arrival in the middle of last week, held a series of meetings with all parties within the framework of the efforts exerted to reach a truce agreement in Gaza.
In a statement issued by the Qatari Committee, Al-Emadi stressed the seriousness of the situation The current situation in the sector and the deterioration of various sectors as a result of the continuation of the blockade, stressing at the same time the continuation of efforts and relentless contacts of the State of Qatar in order to reach understandings of calm between the parties.
Al-Emadi pointed out that the State of Qatar is striving greatly to achieve calm that guarantees the empowerment of donor countries and international organizations, especially the State of Qatar, to implement its humanitarian projects in the Strip without any problems, with the aim of improving the conditions of people in Gaza.
Al-Emadi’s visit to the Strip comes after an absence of about 6 months due to the “Corona” pandemic, and in complex humanitarian and political conditions that the residents of the Strip live in, coinciding with the tightening of the siege on Gaza and the outbreak of the “Corona” virus, in addition to the continuing electricity crisis and the closure of crossings.
In a separate context, and during their current visit that lasts for days, Ambassador Al-Emadi and his deputy Khaled Al-Hardan conducted inspection tours on a number of Qatari projects in the sector, the most important of which are the two projects for the establishment of the Noura Rashid Al-Kaabi Center for Dialysis and the Hamad Bin Jassim Center for Integrated Rehabilitation Care in the northern sector, as well as the project Construction of the residential city of hope mosque, and work was inspected in the warehouses of the Qatari Committee located on the Palestinian side of the Rafah land crossing.
Ambassador Al-Emadi expressed his satisfaction with the progress of work in the projects, stressing the continuation of Qatari support to the people of the sector in various walks of life.
Emadi pointed out that the National Committee continues to provide the necessary support to citizens in the quarantine centers in the governorates of the Gaza Strip since the start of quarantine procedures for returning to Gaza
and explained that the committee provides daily meals and basic supplies for all Mahjorn in coordination with the concerned governmental authorities, led by the Ministries of Social Development and Health in Gaza
and wished Al-Emadi wants his efforts and talks to culminate in reaching a truce agreement between all parties to provide the basics for a normal and quiet life for the residents of Gaza, who live in extremely difficult situations.
Al-Emadi left Gaza after spending several days in the Strip