Gaza-together- MP Jamal Al-Khudari, Chairman of the Popular Committee Against the Siege, affirmed the necessity of opening the Kerem Shalom crossing around the clock to receive fuel supplies and requirements for facing the Corona pandemic, and all that is needed for Gaza at this critical stage, in order to avoid further suffering that is difficult to face under the Israeli blockade Throttle.

Al-Khudari stressed in a press statement issued today, Tuesday, that the World Health Organization is required to work on introducing the requirements for examination and prevention, in sufficient quantities to confront this pandemic.

He said, “The Red Crescent and Red Cross institutions are also required to work immediately to provide Gaza with medical and humanitarian needs, and to work immediately to provide adequate and urgent respirators to face the crisis, and to preserve the lives of citizens.”

Al-Khudari confirmed that the Corona pandemic enters Gaza in the most difficult humanitarian, health and environmental conditions, in light of the tightening of the occupation’s siege and closure, and the closure of the Kerem Shalom crossing for two weeks, preventing the entry of basic and humanitarian supplies and fuel.

Al-Khudari wondered, “How does Gaza, whose population live under the poverty line, more than 80%, with a daily per capita income of $ 2, an exhausted and collapsed health reality, and electricity that barely reaches citizens 3 hours a day, faces a pandemic that has exhausted superpower countries.”

He pointed out that hospitals and intensive care rooms are suffering in light of the lack of capabilities, and recently an increase in the hours of electricity cuts to reach about 20 hours a day.

Al-Khudari stressed that supporting Gaza and standing by its side in these difficult circumstances in order to reach its legitimate rights is an urgent necessity to save what can be saved before it is too late, and before losing control of matters.

“This siege, as it is a form of aggression, affects the life of every human being in Gaza, as it is systematic and targets every detail of healthy life, economy, trade, agriculture, environment and industry, as well as for the citizen to obtain his basic rights in terms of water, electricity, education, etc

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