Hussam Badran, head of the National Relations Office in Hamas, a member of its political office, said, “The movement’s leadership has held contacts and meetings with officials in several countries to confirm our position as Palestinians not to respond to American pressure and Israeli dictations.”

Badran added, during his speech at the ninth annual conference organized by the Masarat Center: “Hamas seeks to create an agreed national situation to confront the deal of the century, and it is very important that the Palestinian voice be united in rejecting the deal,” according to (Freedom News) website. ).

Badran stressed that visiting Al-Aqsa Mosque is a dream for all Muslims, but one cannot be welcomed to visit Al-Aqsa under the name of normalization.

The member of the Political Bureau indicated that the UAE wants to promote that it preserves the Palestinian cause, and this cannot deceive the nation.

He also noted that Hamas is a strong and influential movement, and there are countries that communicate with it, but it is not part of the axes and differences in the region, and it always calls for unity, and it asks everyone to support our cause away from any conflicts that aim to divert the compass from Palestine.

The Palestinian Center for Policy Research and Strategic Studies (Masarat) today, Saturday, opened its ninth annual conference, “Palestine After Trump’s Netanyahu Vision … What To Do?”, In front of and through the Zoom program, and its activities will continue until the end of August.

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