The Embassy of the State of Palestine in Cairo demanded that Palestinian students studying in Egyptian governmental universities and those outside the Republic of Egypt should communicate with the embassy during the written or practical examinations set for them with the embassy and to quickly provide it with their personal data.

In its statement, the embassy called on students to send personal data (full name, university and college, academic year, contact phone, country of residence, and scheduled examinations) via the e- mail of the embassy‚Äôs cultural affairs department ( ), or via the WhatsApp application (01030218317) In order for us to address the responsible authorities with a request to postpone the examinations or to find an appropriate mechanism to preserve their academic future, according to what was stated on the official Palestinian agency website.

The embassy said: “We have contacted a number of universities and continue to communicate with the rest of the various universities in order to ensure that students who were unable to reach the Arab Republic of Egypt enter the exams by the methods agreed upon with officials in Egyptian universities.”