Gaza – together – The Ministry of Agriculture in Gaza activated, on Tuesday, the pre-prepared emergency plan, which deals with the closure of markets in the event of the spread of the “Corona” virus in the Strip.

The ministry stated, in a statement reached to Lama’a, that its plan is to preserve the agricultural sector, and to work at full capacity in order to meet the needs of the population.

She indicated that the outline of its plan is to transport vegetables from production centers and farms to major collection centers, as these centers package agricultural products according to health conditions under the supervision of specialized committees from the relevant ministries, and then the vegetables are distributed to retail stores and sub-points of sale.

She stated that retail points will deliver to citizens in their homes, or direct them to buy in a safe and healthy way to ensure that the epidemic does not spread among citizens.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Agriculture, in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and Supply Investigation, announced a list of prices for vegetables, poultry and eggs. To avoid price gouging and monopolizing goods, it called on citizens to report any cases of manipulation or monopoly.

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