Gaza – together – The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate in the southern governorates decided to close the union’s headquarters in Gaza for a period of two days, during the announcement of curfews. The Syndicate will issue another statement in case of anything new.

In a statement, after confirming the presence of Corona pandemic cases in the southern governorates, she called on all colleagues to adhere to the instructions of the competent authorities, especially during the movement of press crews.
The Syndicate of Journalists called on all colleagues not to publish any news or information without obtaining a reliable source for this information.
The Syndicate confirmed that the emergency card it issued is for movement in the event of emergency. As for the state of curfew, the tasks can be moved through coordination between the press institution and the competent authorities, in which the nature of the journalistic mission can be clarified.
And she called for the need to fully adhere to complete health safety measures during the task assigned to it, especially in places where the pandemic is spreading, which the Syndicate will publish in a special circular.
She added, “The press crews move with a clear mandate from the press institution that clarifies the course of action, people, place and time.”
And it called on press institutions to provide all health protection requirements for journalists during work, and to abide by labor laws in cases of emergency and danger.