the Governmental Media and Information Center in the Gaza Strip announced the registration of the first cases of the new Corona virus from within the Gaza Strip, indicating that the injuries were from Maghazi Camp in the central Gaza Strip.
The center said, in a press conference: “The injuries to four members of one family are not quarantined, and they are from the Maghazi camp in the central governorate, which requires us all to work with all personal safety measures.”
The Center announced the imposition of a complete curfew on all governorates of the Gaza Strip, including the suspension of work and non-working hours in all facilities for a period of 48 hours, starting from this night. He said that the decision includes official and private workplaces and educational institutions, closing mosques, markets, wedding halls and clubs, and preventing gatherings.
The following is the statement of the government media office in Gaza: 
All government agencies in the Gaza Strip, especially the Ministries of Health and Interior, have made strenuous efforts over the past seven months to confront the Corona pandemic, and these efforts have succeeded in sparing the Gaza Strip and its people the evil of this epidemic throughout that period, despite the wide spread in the number of infected people globally and its increase in the geographical area surrounding us . 
Despite all the measures that have been taken, we have always warned of the possibility of accessing the scenario of the virus entering the sector and recording cases among citizens, this scenario was always before us and was prepared as part of our plan to confront the delinquent. 
This scenario has become a reality today, because after months of our continuous battle with this virus, we are pleased to announce the registration of the first cases of infection with the new Corona virus inside the Gaza Strip from unquoted persons for four members of one family. This makes it imperative that we all work with all the personal safety measures that we have circulated over the past months and not be negligent in adhering to them. 
Note that the Ministry of Health and the concerned teams, upon confirmation of the injuries, carried out its health procedures with the cases discovered in accordance with the approved protocol, and the source of infection is now being determined and the contact map revealed to deal with it. Faced with this new reality and in light of our responsibility to preserve the safety and health of our society, we announce the following measures:
1. Imposing a complete curfew on all governorates of the Gaza Strip, including suspending work and not working in all facilities for a period of 48 hours starting from this night, including official and private workplaces and educational institutions, closing mosques, markets, wedding halls and clubs, and preventing gatherings, noting that this period is necessary For epidemic inventories, identification of potential infection locations, and contact cases. 
We invite everyone who visited Al-Nida’s supermarket, and for the past week in front of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs, we invite him to contact the Ministry of Health and quarantine themselves at home.
2. We call on citizens not to leave their homes during the foregoing 48 hours and until new directives are issued in particular, in order to preserve your health and the safety of society, and we call on everyone to take the utmost caution, stay at home, follow safety measures, and adhere to what is issued by the competent government agencies only. 
3. We affirm that the competent authorities are closely following up the work from the moment the cases are discovered, and they will continue to perform their duty and carry out their role according to the pre-prepared plan, and we will keep you up to date with all new developments. 
4. We invite citizens who are suspected of having severe respiratory symptoms or a new loss of sense of smell or taste to contact the toll-free numbers 103 of the Ministry of Health or 109 of the Ministry of the Interior. 
5. We affirm that the competent authorities have approved procedures to facilitate the citizens’ access to their needs in case they are forced to expand the curfew or extend the period of time, hoping for the cooperation of citizens during the coming hours and understanding all these procedures for the public interest. 
6. The Ministry of Health is the only authority authorized to announce any details or information related to the affected cases according to medical necessity, and failure to comply with this matter exposes those who violate legal accountability. 
In conclusion, we affirm the necessity for everyone to assume the responsibility entrusted to him in these times and not to be complacent in adhering to the announced procedures or that will be announced later. May God protect our people from all evil and may God bless the efforts of our teams working in the face of the pandemic. Together we face together we recognize.

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