The Ministry of Health in Gaza has confirmed that it has completed the readiness of its health and medical teams; To receive the returnees through (the Rafah land crossing), in a way that enhances the general safety of citizens, and maintains the prevention of the transmission of the Corona virus to the Gaza Strip.

Dr. said. Rami Al-Abadala, Director of the Infection Control Department at the General Hospital Administration, said that trained health teams were distributed at the crossing, the isolation hospital, and quarantine facilities. To ensure the safety of procedures, from the first moment of arrival of the travelers, until they arrive at the centers designated for them.

On the details of the procedures in place, Al-Abadala stated that the precautionary measures that were previously implemented at the crossing will be implemented in terms of commitment to distance and wearing masks, in addition to a preliminary and rapid medical examination since the arrival of the returning citizens to the Gaza Strip, with the aim of sorting out the cases. And distributing it to quarantine centers or isolation hospital in case the infection is confirmed. 
The returnees will also be classified into several categories, so that families, the sick, the elderly and women will be hosted in special quarantine centers, while the youth will be hosted in other quarantine centers.

The Director of the Infection Control Department at the General Hospital Administration called on citizens returning to Gaza to adhere to all preventive and safety measures on their way back, and to abide by the guidelines announced by the competent authorities. In the interest of public safety.
He also called for the need to alert all citizens in the Gaza Strip, and to follow safety and prevention measures in light of the return of the stranded, and the possibility of HIV infections among the returnees.
The official of the quarantine centers in the Ministry of Health in Gaza, Dr. Moatassem Salah said that health teams are fully prepared to receive the large numbers of returnees via the Rafah crossing to the Gaza Strip.
He pointed out that the Ministry is making more efforts in this path in anticipation of increasing the capacity of these numbers, which is likely to be infected with a large number of them with the Corona virus.
Salah explained that the Ministry is making a wide effort to increase the capacity to deal and take the utmost levels of prevention and safety to deal with the injured, noting that many measures and procedures have been taken for this, the most important of which is a rapid initial medical examination since the arrival of the returning citizens to the Gaza Strip, with the aim of sorting and distributing cases to quarantine centers. Or the isolation hospital in case the infection is confirmed, and a place for the injured is prepared with a clinical capacity of (300) beds for affected cases.
He stated that a PCR laboratory sample is taken for cases to ensure that they are infected with the virus, indicating that special places are allocated for those in contact with the infected in a serious attempt to reduce the circle of infection, allocating a place for the patient group equipped with ten aids to transfer cases, and allocating a section in each hospital for cases that need special care and treatment intervention In every hospital.
Dr drew. Salah said that the health teams (doctors, nurses, security staff, cleaning workers) have undergone intensive training and rehabilitation on how to deal with patients and provide the necessary health care to them, pointing to the distribution of a procedures guide to the staff working in quarantine centers to determine the tasks required of them.
He added, “The quarantine places have been strengthened with infection control teams, and supervision over the safety of procedures that take place within the quarantine centers has been intensified, in addition to computerizing electronic programs to follow up all information on each case (location, age, and needs).”

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