The Protection Center for Human Rights monitored the launch of one missile by the Israeli occupation forces at a school in Gaza City affiliated to the UN Relief and Works Agency.
And he called for the necessity of punishing those responsible and stopping the violations of the occupation forces’ right of Palestinian children to education and learning.
According to the Center’s follow-up, at around 2:00 am today Thursday 08/13/2020, a plane belonging to the Israeli occupation forces fired one missile at the UNRWA Shati Elementary School building in Shati Camp, west
of Gaza City, as part of a series of raids that It was carried out by the occupation aircraft in the Gaza Strip without any evidence that the school was being used for military purposes, which resulted in material damage to the place and the suspension of the educational process in the school
And a number of neighboring schools.
The Protection Center for Human Rights, while renewing its condemnation of the occupation authorities ’violation of international humanitarian law, indicates that this operation is not the first time that educational schools and protected civilian objects have been deliberately targeted by the occupation forces. The center confirms that educational institutions in
The occupied Palestinian territories are still subjected to continuous direct targeting by the occupation forces, and the Center indicates for its documentation dozens of cases in which educational and cultural institutions were directly bombed.
The Center also considers that deliberately attacking schools that do not constitute military targets amounts to an international crime. In turn, the Center calls on the international community to intervene in order to stop all crimes that affect the lives, security and personal safety of Palestinians. The Center also calls on UNESCO and the International Childhood Organizations to do so.
It includes the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), to put pressure on the occupation authorities to stop their violations of the right of Palestinian children to education and learning, and also calls on human rights and humanitarian organizations in the world to expose the occupation’s crimes and prosecute the perpetrators responsible for them and bring them to international courts.

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