Gaza – together – the Israeli occupation authorities prevented this morning the entry of a number of modern vehicles that were to be brought into the Strip through the Erez checkpoint.
Wael Al-Halees, Vice President of the Gaza Vehicle Importers Association, Wael Al-Halees, said: “The occupation decided to prevent the entry of vehicles into Gaza suddenly, until further notice.”
He added, “The vehicle transporters were surprised, as they headed to the Beit Hanoun checkpoint to transport vehicles, by preventing them from the occupation authorities, and by informing them to stop entering vehicles into the Strip until further notice.”
He explained that vehicles enter the sector every week, at a rate of 100 to 125 cars, and today 56 cars are scheduled to enter the sector.
He continued, that about 1,300 cars are present in the ports because they did not obtain an Israeli transport license, because of the suspension of coordination with the Palestinian side for more than three months.
He pointed out that the vehicle market is in a miserable condition due to the lack of demand for cars and the deteriorating economic conditions in the sector.

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