Gaza – together – President of the General Federation of Palestinian Trade Unions in the Gaza Strip, Sami Al-Amsi, warned that the crisis that stops the power plant from working today threatens to stop 90% of the factories and suspend nearly 50 thousand workers.

Al-Amsi said in a press statement, that about 500 factories in various industrial and construction fields are threatened to stop working if the sole power plant stops working.

Al-Amsi explained that the production workshops and factories in the Gaza Strip will operate at less than 20% capacity as a result of the electricity crisis, by relying on generators, laying off workers and reducing working hours, which will affect the production wheel in the Strip.

He pointed out that the electricity crisis will cause great losses in most economic fields, indicating that 90% of the factories, blacksmithing and aluminum workshops, and car maintenance, in addition to sewing, spinning and weaving factories, and shops that rely on electricity around the clock, are threatened to stop working at any moment. “.

He explained that the continuous siege on the sector for 14 years has led to an increase in the poverty rate among “workers” by 80%, while the unemployment rate has reached 60%.

Al-Amsi appealed to the need to pressure the occupation to lift the unjust blockade imposed for nearly 14 years on the Gaza Strip, which affected all areas of life, and also called on the international community to put pressure on the occupation for the need to solve the electricity problem that the Gaza Strip has been suffering from since 2006

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