Gaza: Together, the occupation’s warships targeted the fishermen’s boats, directly west of the Gaza port, at a distance of less than one mile.
Zakaria Bakr, coordinator of the Fishermen’s Union in Gaza, said that the occupation leaves have escalated their attacks, and after they attacked boats three miles away, today they are attacking them less than a mile away.

He added, “The occupation is practicing grave violations against fishermen and targeting them directly, and their lives are at risk in light of the daily targeting of them.”
He explained that the closure of the sea continues for the seventh day in a row, and affects very significantly the deprivation of fishermen of their day’s sustenance, as it directly affects their livelihood.
He added, “If the fisherman works with eating, and if he does what he eats, then he puts them under the poverty line.”
It is noteworthy that the decision to completely close the sea to fishermen came as part of a series of decisions recently taken by the occupation authorities in light of the escalation and field tension in the sector