The Palestine Center for Prisoners Studies said: The 27 prisoners in the occupation prisons have spent more than a quarter of a century continuously, and are still behind bars, after two of them were martyred, and all of them are serving sentences of life imprisonment or tens of years.

The Center explained that these prisoners were detainees before the Oslo Agreement and all of them spent more than 25 years in the occupation prisons, among them 12 prisoners who were residents of the occupied territories in 1948, led by the dean of all prisoners, Karim Yusef Yunus, who has been detained since January 6/1983. And the captive Maher Abdel-Latif Younes, who was arrested in the same year.

Researcher Riad Al-Ashqar, the media spokesman for the Center, considered the continued detention of these prisoners for decades as a disgrace on the forehead of the international community, which is a precedent that has not occurred in recent history, especially that these prisoners suffer from imperative health conditions and their bodies are invaded by diseases as a result of the long years they spent under conditions Cruel inside prisons and deliberate medical negligence against them.

He indicated that two veteran prisoners were killed last year and this year as a result of medical negligence and the diseases that they suffered during the long years of their detention, and the occupation is still holding their bodies until now, they are Faris Baroud, after he spent 28 years, and the captive Saadi Al Gharabli, after 26 years of detention They are both residents of the Gaza Strip.

Al-Ashqar pointed out that three of the prisoners are residents of Hebron, the oldest and their captive brigadier Muhammad Ahmad al-Tous, who has been detained since 1985, and four prisoners from Jerusalem, the oldest of whom is Samir Ibrahim Abu Naama, who is the dean of the prisoners of Jerusalem, and has been detained since 1986, and two prisoners from Bethlehem are the oldest of them. The prisoner, Nasser Hassan Abu Srour, has been detained since 1993, while the captive Muhammad Adel Daoud is the dean of the Qalqilya prisoners.

He added that the prisoner, Mahmoud Abu Kharbish, is considered the dean of the Jericho prisoners and has been detained since 1988, while the prisoner of Ramallah is Jumah Ibrahim Adam, who has been detained since 1988, and the captive Raed Muhammad al-Saadi, the dean of the prisoners of Jenin, has been detained since 1989, and is the only prisoner on the list. From the Gaza Strip, he is Diaa Zakaria Al-Falouji, and he has been detained since 1992.

He stressed that these prisoners were supposed to be released 7 years ago, based on an agreement between the authority and the occupation to release all the veterans, as the occupation released 78 of them, and the release was stopped For the fourth batch, which includes 30 prisoners.

Al-Ashqar called on the international community to intervene to end the suffering of these prisoners, and what they spent in prisons would suffice, and to work for their release because they were sick and old, and they spent decades behind bars. He also called on institutions interested in prisoners’ affairs and the media to give them more space and attention, which would contribute to Support them and shed light on their cause, and highlight their special struggles