The Israeli (Channel 13) said, on Friday, that the occupying power had offered to help Gaza in confronting the Corona virus, provided that the launching of incendiary balloons was stopped.

The channel added, quoting its correspondent Alon Ben David, that the offer includes stopping the launching of missiles in exchange for assistance in confronting (Corona), without giving any other details.

Earlier, Talal Abu Zarifa, a member of the political bureau of the Democratic Front, held the Israeli occupation fully responsible for the failure of all efforts made by the Egyptian, regional and international parties to reach a state of restoration of calm.

He added, “If the occupation does not listen to the Palestinian positions, then it must realize that all options are open to our people and to groups working in the field, and therefore the coming hours, the occupation must choose between lifting the siege or continuing the tools of resistance in different forms and creativity.”

He pointed out that the Palestinian side cannot adhere to calm, without any commitment to lift the siege on the Gaza Strip, completing “calm in exchange for calm is something that none of our Palestinian people can accept, and the occupation must bear all the consequences and repercussions.”

And he continued: If the occupation believes that the (Corona) crisis can have negative effects on the tools of struggle and struggle, then it is delusional, and therefore the youth in the field, and the groups are able or reconcile between action in the field and the prevention of the (Corona) pandemic.

Palestinian activists continue to launch incendiary balloons towards the towns of the Gaza envelope, in response to the Israeli attacks and the siege of the Strip

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