The General Authority for Crossings and Borders at the Ministry of Interior and National Security announced to citizens returning via (Rafah Crossing) during the past three days (11/13 August) or their agents that the agents will be contacted by phone; To hand them over the luggage and bags that have been seized at the crossing for the purposes of sterilization and preventive measures, starting from next Monday, August 17, 2020, as follows:

– Monday, August 17: Handing over the luggage of arrivals on Tuesday, August 11th.

Tuesday, August 18: luggage will be delivered to arrivals on Wednesday, August 12.

Wednesday 19 August: Luggage will be delivered to arrivals on Thursday 13 August.

Thursday 20 August: Overdue luggage from previous days will be handed over.

With the need to adhere to the following instructions:

1) Bring the recipient’s ID card.

2) Putting on a mask and gloves before entering the campus.

3) Spacing and not gathering together.

4) Not to go to the crossing until after receiving a call; To prevent crowding and crowds.

5) Only those who follow the conditions mentioned above will be allowed to enter the crossing, in order to preserve public safety

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