The Palestinian Gathering for the Homeland and Diaspora participated in the stance with the families of the prisoners and the national and Islamic forces in the supportive stance and solidarity with the prisoners in the prisons of the Israeli occupation against the Emirati-Israeli normalization agreement, in front of the Red Cross headquarters in Gaza City, where a member of the political bureau of the Front for Democracy and the Secretary of its region participated in the stand In the Gaza Strip, Saleh Nasser is a member of the High Council of the Assembly.

Mahmoud Zaq, a member of the Central Council and the official of the Palestinian Popular Struggle Front in the Gaza Strip and a member of the Supreme Consultative Commission for the Palestinian Gathering for the Homeland and Diaspora, affirmed today that we stand in solidarity with our brave prisoners who sacrificed their lives in order to realize our people’s dreams of freedom and independence and the establishment of the Palestinian state with its capital, Jerusalem. We see a blatant departure from the Arab consensus, the UAE’s declaration of normalization of relations with the Israeli occupation state under the auspices of the American administration as a stab to the
Palestinian cause and a stab at the Arab peace initiative that was approved at the Beirut summit in 2000 with this agreement, a free gift that the UAE offers to the occupation government and encouragement of the settlement policy and its seizure of Lands, Judaizing the city of Jerusalem, and the
systematic policy of repression against our prisoners who are exposed to a slow death in light of health conditions and the spread of the Corona virus.

The Secretary-General of the Palestinian Gathering of the Homeland and Diaspora, Mr. Muhammad Shuraim, said that the stance of the prisoners’ families is a message to denounce the harassment, slow death and poor health conditions faced by prisoners in light of the Corona pandemic.
The issue of prisoners and martyrs is the issue of all Palestinians. Our people will not submit to the Zionist American plans and its barbaric policies towards our people and their inalienable historical rights.

Shreim denounced the Emirati-Israeli normalization agreement that constitutes a letdown of the Palestinian people, their struggle, sacrifices, and a stab at the Jerusalem cause. History is ruthless to the typists who fear for their thrones, and Trump and Netanyahu will not protect them.

Shreim said, to confront all American Zionist plans, to end the division and restore unity to the two parts of the homeland, sever the relationship with the Emirates, which betrayed the blood of the martyrs, the wounded and the prisoners, and cut off the relationship with those who deal with the occupier.

On the other hand, Dr. Fareej Muhanna, head of the Public Relations Committee in the assembly, said that the importance of participating in the assignment of prisoners, if they were not behind bars, we would have been in another place not here, and we would not be in our country who paid the exorbitant bill of their lives, and the least duty is to stand with them and We show them that we are with them and we support them, and they are the conscience of our people. They are providing the most valuable thing they possess in order to achieve the goals of our people in light of a conspiracy to liquidate the Palestinian issue by troting and normalization with the occupier is one of the chapters of the deal of the century. Her
historical support for our people

, Rehab Kanaan, head of the Women’s Committee in the Gaza Strip, said for the gathering required of all segments of our people to organize campaigns to support and support the cause of prisoners and to establish the fact that our people will not leave their prisoners prey to running prisons and confronting normalization, which is a betrayal of the people.
The Palestinian people and our people will not yield to these typists, and there must be a unified Arab position to cut off the relationship with the Emirates and exit protest marches against the Emirati-
Israeli normalization agreement aimed at helping the forces and parties of extremist Yemen in the enemy’s government and the US administration ahead of the American elections at the expense of our national rights