Today, Thursday, the Rafah crossing will open in both directions, for the third consecutive day.
The Ministry of the Interior in Gaza facilitates the departure and arrival of travelers and those stranded through the crossing, when it is exceptionally opened in both directions.

Passenger buses began to leave towards Egyptian territory, where they had been prepared since the morning hours by the Border and Border Authority crews.

The General Authority for Crossings and Borders, at the Ministry of Interior and National Security, in Gaza, announced today, Thursday, that 418 passengers left Gaza via the (Rafah land crossing), on Wednesday, on the second day of the crossing in both directions.

Brigadier General Fuad Abu Butaihan, Director General of the Authority, said that the authority’s crews facilitated the departure of 418 passengers through the crossing yesterday, while 590 returnees from the Egyptian side arrived in the Gaza Strip.

Abu Btihan added that all travelers returning to Gaza were transferred to precautionary quarantine centers, in accordance with preventive and safety measures from the Corona virus, and under the supervision of Ministry of Health staff.

And he indicated that 64 passengers were returned by the Egyptian side during the crossing’s work, yesterday, indicating that they were transferred to quarantine centers; To spend a period of 21 days as a precaution.

It is noteworthy that the work at Rafah crossing, on Tuesday, witnessed the arrival of 503 stranded people and the departure of 396 passengers, on the first day of his work, on an exceptional basis.

On Thursday, the Rafah crossing will continue to open on the third and final day of its opening, as it facilitates the departure of travelers from the categories previously identified, in addition to receiving new numbers of stranded people coming from Egypt