, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior in Gaza, Major General Tawfiq Abu Naim, said today, Thursday: He is giving good news to those stranded abroad, that the Rafah crossing could open at the end of next week.

Abu Naim said, “We are facing an urgent need for our people to leave and return those stranded through (the Rafah crossing), and this file is constantly present in our consultations.”
He continued: The opening of the Rafah crossing will be in both directions, not in one direction, and we hope that it will continue to open at all times, given the urgent need for large numbers of stranded people.

Abu Naim added: The Ministry of Interior imposed difficult measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic, and it succeeded in that, stressing that its measures focused on supporting and entrusting the Ministry of Health, and enabling it to do its duty to protect our people from the threat of the Coronavirus.

He added during the press conference, which he held this evening, Thursday, on measures to confront the emerging (Corona) virus (Covid-19), that the procedures of the Ministry of Interior focused on supporting and entrusting the Ministry of Health, and enabling it to carry out its duty to protect our people from the threat of the Coronavirus. ).

He added: The first decision we took in facing the epidemic was to close the crossings and ports, because we were certain that the only way for the virus to enter was the crossings.

Abu Naim added, “We received the returnees through the crossings in schools and hotels, in addition to building special quarantine centers to host thousands of returnees.”

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior in Gaza said, “We have taken precautionary measures and measures for prevention and safety through the crossings during the reception of the returnees, transferring them to quarantine centers, and the stay of the security forces with them, and providing them with the necessary assistance.”

He confirmed that a police crew of 500 had been trained to perform their duties and deal with the hosts in quarantine centers, indicating that the police staff, who were trained to serve contacts, is moving today to train on serving those infected with the virus.

Abu Naim said: We conducted a training maneuver to anticipate the occurrence of infection with the virus inside Gaza, and we had a prior plan to manage the work in the event that the epidemic spreads inside the Strip, pointing out that a staff of 60 members from the Ministries of Interior and Health has been formed to investigate the epidemiological map, and follow the infection circles and contacts.

He stressed that the nature of the rapid transmission of the virus prompted us to divide the sector into governorates, neighborhoods, and squares, following the discovery of infections within the community, indicating that areas were completely closed and others partially closed, depending on the nature of the infections there.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior in Gaza said that the areas, squares and roads leading to the houses where the injuries occurred were closed. In order to limit the spread of the virus, stressing that the Ministry of Interior measures that delayed the entry of the epidemic into Gaza “enabled us to benefit and learn from the experiences of others in facing the spread of the virus.”

He stressed that the best way to fight the epidemic is to cut the chain of spread of the disease, through the measures that we take to close and isolate regions, adding that, “through the ministry’s national number 109, we received more than 100,000 calls during this period, to meet the needs of citizens and help them.”

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior in Gaza expressed his hope that the visit of the Egyptian security delegation would yield positive results in the coming days, in terms of improving the current conditions.
He said: We do not wish to use force to impose preventive measures, but it has been resorted to in some areas, which witnessed violations of procedures, and attacks on security personnel and police.
He indicated that there are legal procedures that will be applied against violators of the ban measures, which the Public Prosecution will announce in the coming days.
Abu Naim stressed that a “Corona Investigation” unit has been established in the police to monitor markets and prices, and merchants and citizens adhere to the measures taken to confront the virus, noting that “we will not allow rumor changers and monopoly traders to exploit the suffering of our people.”