After the martyrdom of the fishermen .. Hamas to the Egyptian army: There is no justification for repeating this violent deal

Hamas strongly condemned the targeting of the Egyptian army with live bullets for fishermen in the sea of ​​Rafah Governorate, at dawn on Friday; What led to the death of the two brothers, the fisherman Mahmoud Muhammad al-Zaazoo ‘, and the hunter Hassan Muhammad al-Zaazooa, and the injury and arrest of the third brother, Yasser Muhammad al-Zaazoo. 

 Hamas affirmed that “there is no justification for repeating this violent interaction with those looking for their children’s sustenance and subsistence in light of the imposed and suffocating Zionist blockade on the residents of the Gaza Strip.”

She added, “As the Hamas movement extends its sincere condolences and sympathy to the Al-Zaazoua family, to confirm its categorical rejection of these dangerous policies, and calls on the Egyptian authorities to expedite the investigation into this painful incident and ensure that it will not be repeated.”

She explained that the national, religious and humanitarian duty requires everyone to work to end the suffering of our people in the besieged Gaza Strip.

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