Gaza – together – a leader in the Al-Quds Brigades said that the moral fall of some Arab regimes will not neutralize the resistance’s compass, and we will remain in the Jerusalem Brigades, the spearhead of the Palestinian resistance and struggle project until the liberation of all of Palestine’s soil.
He added, in a statement distributed by the Saraya, a copy of it arrived together, “When they were signing the Shame Agreement in the” White House “and they wanted to send us messages of defeat, humiliation and brokenness, the resistance sent them messages with missiles and fire, and we all gathered our messages that Palestine is the decision-maker and that the first and last word is only for the owners of the land. “.
He stressed that Ashdod, such as Haifa and Ashkelon, blocks of Tel Aviv, we will not waste a single inch of the land of Palestine, as our battle is long along historic Palestine from its sea to its river.
And he continued, we will not turn in the Palestinian resistance to the trails of the typists, and that the words they signed are not equal to the ink they wrote with them, and that the resistance continues, and no one who was able to stop its blessed march despite the severe and deadly blockade that we have been suffering for more than (13) years