angry Palestinian refugees in the Nuseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip took part in a protest stand in front of the headquarters of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) to reject the cuts of “UNRWA” and the absence of a health emergency plan with the outbreak of the (Corona) pandemic, at the invitation of the Refugee Department and the Agency Relief in the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Workers’ Unity Bloc in Nuseirat.
The participants raised banners denouncing the cuts by “UNRWA”, which affected periodic food aid and the absence of emergency plans to confront (Corona), amid chants rejecting the liquidation of the UNRWA.
The official of the Nuseirat branch of the Democratic Front, Abdel Qader Abu Shawish, said in the speech of the Workers ’Unity Bloc:“ We raise our voice today in the face of the attempts to reduce UNRWA services, which we have repeatedly warned about, as they lead to imposing a blockade on the Agency on the way to liquidating it and salvation from the issue of refugees and their right to return according to UN Resolution 194, in line with the “Trump-Netanyahu deal.”

Abu Shaweesh called on “UNRWA” to activate the unemployment and emergency program, employ graduates, return of dismissed employees, increase and improve the quality of relief materials and open relief services centers in a way that preserves the dignity of the refugee population, adding: “The UNRWA should assume its health responsibilities in the Gaza Strip and provide all the necessary capabilities to ensure the safety of the Palestinian refugee. Of treatment and surgeries. “

Abu Shaweesh considered that UNRWA continues to ignore registering spouses and newborns and disburses relief aid for them. The agency aims from behind to erase the identity of the Palestinian refugee.

The Commissioner-General called for “UNRWA” to integrate the budget of the UN Relief Agency into the general budget of the United Nations, calling at the same time to pay the damages of the 2014 aggression on the Gaza Strip.

He stressed the need to unify the refugee movement to face the projects of liquidating “UNRWA”, the issue of refugees, the right of return in accordance with Resolution 194, and the projects of resettlement and displacement.

For his part, a member of the People’s Committee for Refugees in Nuseirat Camp, Ayman Abu Shawish, confirmed his rejection of the UNRWA policy of reducing relief, health and operational services that target the issue of refugees and the right of return.

He called the management of the agency “UNRWA”To stop its systematic policies against Palestinian refugees, stressing that the refugee movement with all its committees in refugee camps will continue to defend the rights of Palestinian refugees.
The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine.