Democracy welcomes the decision to form the national leadership, with its extensions at home and in the regions of diaspora and asylum

Gaza – together- The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine in a statement today (9/14/2020) welcomed the decision to form the “unified national leadership for popular resistance” and called for a leadership that includes all Palestinians without exception, at the highest levels of leadership, and for it to have its extensions in Throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territories, in the Palestinian West Bank, and in the heart of it is the city of Jerusalem, the capital of the State of Palestine, and in the Gaza Strip, and diaspora camps, and among the Palestinian communities in the Arab countries, Europe, and the Americas in particular, and to have a struggle and struggle with Arab political parties and forces The partner in resisting normalization, and the rest of the democratic, leftist and liberal forces in the world that support the legitimate and inalienable national rights of our people and which, in their choices, raise the principles of international law and international legitimacy, and stand by the peoples in their right to self-determination, safeguard their wealth and sovereignty, and build their future Free and prosperous.

The Front, as a major party in the formation of the unified national leadership, affirmed its eagerness to mobilize all forms of popular resistance as the national war to win independence, defeat the occupation and dismantle settlements, and stressed the need for the unified national leadership to form a new model for safeguarding the principles of the coalition and national partnership within the framework of a broad national front for our people and all His political and party powers without exception.

The front said that progress in implementing the decisions of the National and Central Council to reorganize the relationship with the occupying state as a state of aggression, cancel the Oslo agreement and withdraw recognition of Israel, and stop all forms of coordination with it and draw up an official and societal national plan to disengage from the Israeli economy would enhance the leadership role Unified patriotism and to reinforce the revolutionary rise of the mass movement in the face of occupation and settlement.

The Front also called for the acceleration of the formation of the committee concerned with presenting the strategic vision for the national confrontation to the Central Council in its next session in accordance with the outcomes of the General Secretaries General Conference.

The Front concluded by affirming that everyone’s keenness to respect the foundations and principles of the coalition and the national partnership will necessarily establish a new phase that moves our people’s struggle to what achieves its national goals.