On Wednesday evening, a meeting was held between the leaders of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement and the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, in the Lebanese capital, Beirut. 

The meeting was chaired by the Islamic Jihad Movement, its Secretary General, the fighter Brother Ziad al-Nakhalah, and for Hamas, the head of its political bureau, the Mujahid Brother Ismail Haniyeh, according to the official website of the Jihad Movement.

The meeting praised the steadfastness of our people and our heroic families, as well as the performance and steadfastness of the resistance in the last round and the previous rounds of confrontation, which indicated the development of the resistance, its high wisdom and the correctness of its approach. 

The meeting discussed developments related to the Palestinian issue, as well as what is related to the Gaza file, measures to break the siege, and the options for resistance in dealing with the occupation. 

The meeting reviewed their common visions for the success of the meeting of the general secretaries of the factions, which will be held Thursday evening between Ramallah and Beirut through a “video conference”, where they stressed the need for unity of the common position between them and the factions regarding what the meeting will carry. 

The leadership of the two movements affirmed the depth and strength of the bilateral relations between them, and some important aspects in developing the relationship between Hamas and Islamic Jihad in various fields were reviewed, as the meeting stressed the importance of communication and coordination between them to confront aggression and confront plots, in particular the deal of the century, colonial annexation plans, normalization projects, and attempts to tighten and legitimize Gaza blockade. 

The meeting touched on the conditions of the Palestinian refugees in the Diaspora camps, where the meeting stressed the need to protect the Palestinian presence in the face of all political and living challenges to ensure the stability of the position that adheres to the return.

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