Gaza – together – The “One Democratic State Campaign in Historic Palestine” said that national unity, based on a comprehensive liberation vision and a correct resistance strategy, is a necessary condition for joint action, and a prelude to victory over injustice and achieving freedom and justice.

And she emphasized in a statement that connected together: “It is also a necessary condition for restoring and strengthening popular Arab support, and for attracting allies from the world’s free people for the Palestinian cause, as it does not concern our people alone, but rather all the peoples of the world, especially the oppressed, of which our Palestinian people are a part, and which struggle against To achieve freedom, justice and human dignity. “

Commenting on the meeting of the General Secretaries, she added: “The question remains: Does the meeting of the factions, and the statements and decisions issued by them, constitute a real turning point in the path of the Palestinian people, and in redefining the path towards liberation and independence? Are the current leaders, who are responsible for the division, And about the failure to rebuild the Palestinian national movement and to achieve liberation, and the national, political and moral devastation that all this has produced, qualified, able, and even willing, to achieve a break with the stage of murderous illusions? Is it possible to move and advance the national liberation project towards a true liberation phase, without the youth And the involvement of new leaders? These are questions that our people, in all its classes, of workers, peasants, intellectuals, families, and many other sectors are asking.

The “One Democratic State Campaign in Historic Palestine” considered that the seriousness of the meeting is confirmed by emphasizing that historical Palestine is the starting point for the Palestinian people, with all their communities, which number 13 million, are one, and that Palestine includes all the lands between the river and the sea, not the West Bank And only the Gaza Strip and adherence to the right of return of refugees, who were expelled by the Zionist movement from Palestine, seized their property, pursued them in places of refuge, waged wars against them, and assassinated some of their leaders, considering this right to be natural and sacred, not to mention that it was an international decision since 1948.

She explained that liberating the Palestine Liberation Organization, from the grip of the bureaucracy and from the shackles of Oslo, and rebuilding it on democratic foundations, representing all components and groups of the Palestinian people wherever they are, including the Palestinians of 1948, and on the basis of the program of return and liberation is an essential factor in achieving unity.

It called for the withdrawal of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s recognition of Israel, which had continued its colonial settlement expansion in the West Bank and Jerusalem, imposed the siege on the Gaza Strip, and granted the false legitimacy for its colonization of all of historical Palestine, through the so-called “Nationalism Law” – which is a blatant colonial apartheid law – And striking them against a wall are all the international laws that prohibit settlement in the occupied lands and criminalize the existing apartheid regime. Israel has said unequivocally, and with it its patron the United States of America, that the countries between the river and the sea belong to the Zionist movement, and that the Palestinian people have no right to their homeland, which they have not left for thousands of years, except under pressure from the colonial Zionist movement and the crimes of ethnic cleansing that It committed it in 1948, and it continues to commit it against the Palestinians, even those who hold its citizenship.

And considered the response to this colonial expansion, and to the new “Balfour Declaration”, by declaring that the demand of the Palestinian people for the right to self-determination applies to all of historic Palestine. This means reviving the program of the Palestine Liberation Organization, represented by the return and liberation of Palestine from occupation, its colonial regime and apartheid.

She said that the “One Democratic State Campaign in all of Historic Palestine” is reviving this solution in a modern form, according to which Palestinians and Israeli Jews live in an egalitarian democratic human system, on the ruins of the colonial Israeli apartheid system, and in the context of the decolonization of the entire Arab region. The one-state solution is not only a vision, but a resistance project, in which anti-Zionist Jews and the settler colonial colonial regime and its crimes also participate.

She indicated that holding elections for the Palestinian National Council, in which all the Palestinian people participate, and that no part of this people is excluded. The limitation of the Palestinian Legislative Council and Palestinian presidency elections to the West Bank and Gaza Strip is a consecration of the partition and fragmentation of the Oslo Accords, and a deformation of the unified Palestinian identity, and keeping the majority of the Palestinian people, especially the 48 regions and refugees, out of representation, outside the conflict, outside the national unity project and the right to determination. Destiny. Not only that, but this exclusion prevents the participation of all Palestinians, without exception, in the Palestinian struggle for the right to self-determination.

It called for the abolition of all punitive measures taken by the Palestinian Authority against our people in the Gaza Strip since March, 2017, and to compensate them for all their dues, because the talk is about national unity and factional consensus at the same time that sanctions are imposed on a key component. A component of our authentic people, it cannot be accepted in any way.

It also called for adopting the Palestinian boycott movement, in a practical and clear manner, as a pioneering method of struggle, and for working to fight all forms of normalization with the occupation and settler colonialism, and at the forefront of this is the abolition of security coordination and the dissolution of the so-called Committee for Communication with Israeli Society.

It demanded the formation of a broad popular front that adopts an effective popular resistance strategy that includes the field, cultural, social and economic aspects, and establishes a path towards a new, free society capable of resilience and cohesion, until achieving its interim goals, then its ultimate goal of dismantling the colonial apartheid system and establishing a democratic state in all of historic Palestine.