Gaza – together – Spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior in Gaza, Iyad Al-Bazm, announced that the curfew will be maintained in the Gaza and North governorates until new instructions are issued.

He added during a press conference: “The curfew will be extended for 48 new hours, starting from tonight, in the governorates of Al Wusta, Khan Yunis, and Rafah.”
He stressed the increase in tightening procedures in the North Gaza Governorate, as the main streets leading to the governorate will be closed to the movement of citizens, and only Salah al-Din Street will be kept open for the necessary and emergency movement estimated by the competent authorities in the field, pointing to an increase in the procedures for separating areas in the North Governorate from each other in light of the increase in the number of injuries. .
Al-Bazm warned of the state of laxity in adhering to the preventive measures that were monitored in some areas, which helps spread infection with the virus among citizens, and that this will prompt us to take more measures.