Gaza – together – Magdy Zaheer, Deputy Director General of Primary Care and Director of Preventive Medicine at the Ministry of Health, said that the epidemiological investigation teams of his ministry have conducted random swabs to detect the Corona virus and determine the areas of its spread in various areas of the Gaza Strip.
In a statement received by a copy of it, Dahir explained that the epidemiological investigation teams conducted random swabs on the groups most at risk of exposure to infection, as they are performed on public drivers and workers in bakeries, restaurants and stores that were opened as part of the mitigation measures in some areas, as part of the response stage in which they live. Sector.
In his response about the delay in the arrival of preventive medicine teams to conduct examinations for contact cases, Dahir stated that the epidemiological investigation teams deliberately delay taking samples from those in contact with cases infected with the Coronavirus after they are quarantined in order to ensure the accuracy of the results of the tests taken from them.
He explained that the reason for the delay is that the virus does not appear in the first days of its entry into the body of the infected person, as results often appear as negative, pointing out that swabs are taken from contacts a week after the date of contact, as part of well-studied procedures and in accordance with the health protocols that have been approved.
On the details of the measures taken from the moment the injury was recorded, Dahir indicated that as soon as the result appears, it is entered into a computerized base and a short message is sent with the result, whether negative or positive, and within a package of measures. Where isolation is carried out in the designated hospital if the result is positive, or quarantine is done if the citizen was in contact with the infection.
Dahir stressed that the sector is still in the phase of response and easing measures in some areas with less spread of the virus, and that the Ministry of Health has come a long way in drawing the epidemiological map and chain, but until this moment it has not reached the stage of coexistence and control of the spread of the disease.
Dahir stressed the need for citizens to adhere to preventive and safety measures by wearing masks and to commit to physical and social distancing in order for the efforts of the various health cadres to succeed in resisting the outbreak of the virus in the Gaza Strip

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