Gaza Interior: It is too early to talk about the reopening of sports clubs, wedding halls and cafes

, a spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior in the Gaza Strip, said this evening, Wednesday, that his ministry has worked on five basic paths to confront the Coronavirus, which are comprehensive closure and imposing curfews, facilitating access to basic services for citizens, and educating citizens about safety measures And maintaining the security situation in light of the preoccupation with confronting the virus, in addition to protecting the working forces from infection with the virus.

Al-Bazam stated on his Facebook page that 372 police and security checkpoints have been deployed at the level of the governorates of the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the closure plan and the separation and division of the governorates, thanking the citizens for their understanding of the measures they were forced to impose. In order to fight the virus with all your might.

Al-Bazam emphasized that they are heading towards easing the imposed measures little by little, but according to a continuous assessment of the epidemiological situation, and it is too early to talk about reopening sports clubs, wedding halls, cafes, and the seashore.

He added: “We were able to control the relative hotspots of the virus after 11 days of imposing the curfew, which led us to mitigate measures in some areas according to the assessment of the epidemiological situation.”

He pointed out that there are areas that are still subject to strict procedures due to the high percentage of injuries in them, explaining, “We are working with a policy of” cautious gradient “, as measures have been relaxed on some vital and basic sectors according to special protocols.

Al-Bazam stressed the government’s keenness to ensure that all basic services continue to be delivered to citizens and to meet their needs permanently in light of the state of emergency.

He pointed out that the battle with (Corona) is still long, calling on citizens to convert safety and prevention measures into behavior, adding, “We are making great efforts to educate the public about the prevention and safety measures, because the only treatment for the virus is to adhere to these measures.

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