The tenth day of the declaration of the state of emergency in Gaza recorded the highest rate of infection with the new virus since the beginning of the crisis. Two weeks after the occupation abolished the restrictions on them.

Lax warning

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza said, “We are facing an escalation in the curve of the outbreak of the epidemic, which foretells that the situation has not yet been controlled, and if efforts are not concerted, the consequences will be dire.”
He stressed that Gaza is facing a sensitive period, and the results in the coming days will show the extent of the efficacy of the measures that we take and the extent of the citizens ’commitment to the controls.
He added, “Through the follow-up, we found that a capable segment of citizens is committed to the controls and procedures. They are very appreciative, and they are part of breaking the episodes of outbreaks, but on the other hand, there is a segment that is still not committed, and it will be the gateway to the crossing towards the largest outbreak if it does not comply.”

And he considered that the disparity in the degree of citizens ’commitment to the procedures began to be reflected in the number of injuries, a decrease in the compliant areas and an increase in non-compliance areas, and therefore not all areas of the Gaza Strip will be dealt with the same degree and this will depend on several indicators, chief among them the number of recorded injuries and the degree of commitment.
He stressed that the increasing number of infections and their expansion heralds the danger of the coming days and puts us in front of a complete societal responsibility in which efforts are combined to contain this stage of the outbreak of the epidemic with more caution and commitment.

And everyone demanded that it be part of the control state so that we can get out of the bottleneck and together break the episodes of outbreaks.

Strict measures

The Ministry of Interior, which has extended the curfew openly in Gaza and the North, and for forty-eight to the rest of the governorates, tightened its procedures and decided to completely close the North Governorate, separate its neighborhoods, and keep Salah al-Din Street only open for emergency cases, while the Deputy Governor of the North announced the imposition of a strict curfew to prevent the spread of the virus, which is the north The Gaza Strip is a hotbed of infestation.

The deputy governor decided to completely close shops and prevent movement in cars except for police and ambulances.

the hunt

Fishermen were able to enter the sea for the first time since sixteen days a day, after sixteen days of the ban by an Israeli decision, before the sea was closed due to the outbreak of Corona.

And the Ministry of Agriculture allowed fishermen to enter the sea last night, amid strict precautions.

The fishermen were able to catch abundant quantities of fish, providing them with a livelihood after long days of deprivation.

Voices rose from Gaza economists demanding what they called a balance between the closure and the people’s need to work

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