aza – together – The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip announced the death of a child as a result of being infected with the Coronavirus, and the registration of 195 new infections after examining 1906 samples within 24 hours.

In its daily statement, the Ministry of Health confirmed the death of the child, Muhammad Adham Shaheen, 6 months, from Jabalia, as a result of his infection with the Corona virus, referring to his death in the European Gaza Hospital.

She explained that the number of injuries since last March was 1551, of which are currently 1427 active cases, while the number of people recovering reached 114 and 10 deaths.

The Ministry of Health said that the emergency operations room in the Ministry of Health monitors the epidemiological situation and the response of the health system to its developments, confirming the citizen’s awareness and discipline of preventive measures that will enhance societal behavior to break the episodes of outbreaks.

She called for the commitment and discipline of citizens, which will strengthen the resilience of the health system in the face of the epidemic.

And considered the measured balance in measures to confront the epidemic and meet the needs of citizens, it calls for everyone to deal responsibly without slackness or recklessness, and it remains in front of us always that your recklessness will kill your loved ones

She emphasized that everyone should maintain wearing masks, washing hands, physical distancing and staying away from gatherings, stressing full attention to preventive measures for the elderly, people with chronic diseases, children and immunocompromised, and not leaving homes except for necessity.