Haniyeh: The Trump administration has asked to sit with us anywhere in the world

head of the political bureau of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, confirmed that during the 2009 war, they received threats from Israel through a mediator, that Hamas should stop the resistance for 15 years and close all the tunnels.

Haniyeh added: Israel asked to stop work in the tunnels during the 2014 war on Gaza, and to oblige all factions to stop any actions against “Israel”. Our position was firm and firm, that we will not sign the defeat instrument.

Haniyeh said, to the program (What is hidden is greater) on the (Al-Jazeera) channel: The current American administration asked to meet with (Hamas) leaders anywhere in the world, and we refused.

He added: We rejected an offer from Jared Kushner’s office mediated by other parties. To hold meetings for the sake of dialogue with the Israeli enemy, and we have decided to apologize for any dialogue that includes a Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip and the implementation of the “Deal of the Century”.

He continued, “Hamas does not accept any conditions in exchange for its support, and moves in the common square, and does not belong to any axis in the region.”

He stressed that Hamas did not give any mediator an undertaking that would affect the development of the means of resistance, and we affirm that there is no dialogue with the occupation in any way.

Haniyeh added: We are not looking for a war in the Gaza Strip, but we do not fear the occupation. If he thinks about launching a new aggression against Gaza, the battle will be different, and the factions, with the Qassams in the lead, will not surprise the enemy