Head of the Political Bureau of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, said: “There is an agreement in the situation with Lebanon that (the deal of the century) aims to liquidate the Palestinian cause, and it can never be dealt with or be an entry in any way to resolving the conflict.” .

Haniyeh added in a conference after his meeting with the Secretary-General of the Islamic Group in Lebanon, Azzam al-Ayoubi, on Saturday, “They agree that the annexation plan is part of void projects that do not change the religious, historical, geographical and humanitarian realities of Palestine and Jerusalem, including the Islamic and Christian sanctities.”

“We found support for the line of steadfastness and resistance in occupied Palestine, and we confirm that it is the line that can shorten the path towards the liberation of Palestine and Jerusalem.”

Haniyeh reviewed the reality of the Palestinian people in Lebanon, pointing out that there is an agreement to reject resettlement, and to reject an alternative homeland or to give up the right of return, with an emphasis on the right of the Palestinian people to a decent life in the stage of temporary existence, everywhere in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and other Arab countries. .

He stressed the total rejection of normalization with the occupation, and considering that the normalization agreements lead to consolidating Israeli hegemony over the region.

And he made a call to the Arabs, saying: “Our call to our Arab brothers, to stop normalization, and not to allow the occupation to penetrate into the region, in any way.”

In another context, Haniyeh affirmed his full solidarity with the Sheikh of Al-Aqsa, the captive Sheikh Raed Salah, who was detained because of his role and defense of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa.