, leader of the Hamas movement, Hassan Youssef, affirmed that the first statement of the unified leadership of the popular resistance carries with it a message to our people and the masses of our Arab and Islamic nation that we are aligned with our cause and are united in defending it.

Leader Yusef stressed in a press statement today, Monday, that our Palestinian people are united by their steps, goals and national unity, and this was exemplified by the formation of the unified leadership based on the recommendations of the meeting of the general secretaries of the factions.

 Youssef pointed out that there is no choice, as for the Palestinians, but to strike anyone who, under any circumstances, pleads with him to transgress our principles.

He indicated that other committees would be formed in the near future, and related to ending the division, arranging the internal Palestinian home, and reactivating the PLO to accommodate all Palestinians.

 Last Thursday, the Israeli Intelligence Service summoned a leader, Hassan Yousef, for an interview in the “Ofer” camp, southwest of Ramallah, in the central West Bank.

Yusef said, at the time, that the occupation intelligence investigated him against the background of joint national action and the rapprochement between Fatah and Hamas movements, stressing that the rapprochement between Fatah and Hamas “does not appeal to the occupation.”

In its first statement, the Unified National Popular Resistance Command announced the launch of its programs and activities, embodying the decisions of the Conference of Secretaries General of the National Action Factions on the third of September, and designated tomorrow, Tuesday, a day of popular anger.