Hussam Badran: We want free Palestinian elections on the basis of national partnership

a member of the political bureau of Hamas, Husam Badran, confirmed that the Palestinian issue is facing real attempts at liquidation, and we want free Palestinian elections on the basis of national partnership.

Badran said in a television interview, commenting on the Hamas and Fatah dialogues in Istanbul, that during three days of dialogue, we have laid the foundations that can be built upon, or the roadmap to reach a true full Palestinian partnership that includes the various components of our Palestinian people.

He pointed out that these meetings are based on the important event that took place in the meeting of the Secretaries General and what followed and the previous bilateral and collective meetings between us and the various factions.

Badran stressed that the basic building block in facing challenges and the rock on which all conspiracies can be shattered is the unity of our Palestinian people.

He said, “God willing, we are going this way, in order to address the whole world and the occupation before that. The Palestinian decision is a unified decision, and no Palestinian party can be consistent with the attempts to liquidate the Palestinian issue.”

He added: “Our Palestinian people, along with all the forces and all national leaders, cannot raise the white flag, and we are the owners of the right, and it is not available for any party to speak on our behalf or to tamper with the right of our Palestinian people, which is guaranteed and known throughout the years of our conflict.”

He stressed that “there is no longer room for the continuation of differences between us and the brotherhood in Fatah.”

He considered that one of the reasons that helped advance this stage is that the path that the official authorities have followed through decades of negotiations with the occupation and reliance on the American administration has reached the wall and reached a dead end, due to the occupation and its intransigence first, and this American administration is absolutely identical with the occupation.

He continued: “When we concede in our conversations, I do not call them concessions, but these are entitlements for the sake of our satiety, and this increases our balance and we do not believe in our people, rather it is a duty.”

He stressed, “We in the Hamas movement were, we are, and we will remain and are ready to provide all that is necessary from our side in order to reach a real implementation of what was agreed upon to reach a real partnership in a very short time, to be a surprise to all the world that our Palestinian people are able to take the initiative in political action.” Unitary and also in the face of the occupation. “

He pointed out that the guarantor of achieving unity is the presence of decision, willingness and good intentions between the two parties, and our Palestinian people who are able to judge all parties by the positive or negative steps they present.

And Abizaid: “There are supporters in many of the parties who have hosted the Palestinian dialogues for years, most recently Turkey, to which we thank the leadership, people and presidency for this effort.”

Today, Thursday, Hamas and Fatah issued a joint statement about the partnership meeting between them in Istanbul, in which they confirmed that the research focused on the tracks agreed upon at the Secretary General’s Conference that was held earlier this month in Ramallah and Beirut.