called the Jerusalem Committee and the Al – Aqsa in the Legislative Council to document the crimes of the occupation in the occupied city of Jerusalem, in preparation for submission as data and evidence of international courts in order to prosecute the leaders of the occupation, remarks came after a meeting held by the Committee today attended by the Chairman of the
Committee MP Ahmed Abu Halabia, and its decision MP Khamis Carpenter.

The committee reviewed reports on the conditions of occupied Jerusalem and the attacks it is subjected to by the occupation in light of the acceleration of normalization processes, and followed the legislative role in implementing the laws and legislations that it had enacted regarding the city of Jerusalem, reviewing ways to support the Jerusalemites
financially and morally.

The committee stressed the importance of spreading culture and awareness about the issue of Jerusalem, intensifying media coverage and documenting the ongoing violations and crimes against the Holy City.

And she stressed the need to activate the legal dimension to prosecute and try Zionist war criminals for their crimes against Jerusalem and the Islamic holy sites.

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