The academic campaign confirms its rejection of the normalization agreements

Gaza-together- The International Academic Campaign Against the Occupation and the Annexation Plan (AAA) expressed its categorical rejection of the UAE-Bahrain normalization agreement with Israel under the auspices of the United States of America.
She emphasized in a press statement that a copy of it came together, that the “agreement of shame” is a betrayal of the people of Palestine and their just cause and a step in building an open alliance with Israel and the United States by trampling on Palestinian rights through gradual and systematic normalization in which the UAE and Bahrain indulged under deceptive justifications and headlines.
She added that these agreements come at a time when Israel is daily confiscating West Bank lands, uprooting Jerusalem residents from their homes, carefully laying siege to the Gaza Strip, and applying the apartheid nationalism law on our people inside the occupied interior and preventing Palestinians from returning to their homes from which they were displaced.
And she continued, “Such agreements are inconsistent with the Arab Peace Agreement, which stipulated a complete withdrawal from the occupied Arab territories in exchange for normalization, in addition to this agreement as a circumvention of the rights of the Palestinian people entrenched in international covenants and agreements.”
The academic campaign welcomed the role played by the unified national leadership after the issuance of its first statement in which it contained practical steps to confront the dissolving occupation and its liquidation projects, adding that normalization is not the fate of the Arab peoples lying on the margins of the regimes, as the Israeli occupation is still intimidated by the forms of resistance that reject its existence, through popular action. Struggle and expand the boycott act.
It called for uniting the ranks on the Palestinian, Arab and international arenas, filling the gaps that Israel exploits in favor of its dissolving colonial settlement project, and working to raise the state of solidarity with the Palestinian people by reviving activities and activities and re-raising the Palestinian flag in all capitals and cities of the world