The Israeli occupation authorities delivered notices to a number of citizens to stop construction in their homes under construction in the town of Kafr al-Dik, west of Salfit.
The Governor of Salfit, Major General Dr. Abdullah Kamil instructed the competent authorities and the legal department in the governorate to follow up these notifications legally in coordination with the target councils and the relevant parties.
According to local sources, the ownership of the homes belongs to: Muhammad Darwish, Diaa Ziyad Darwish, Yaseen Ali Ahmed, Hani Deek, Naziz Ali Ahmed, Reda Hamad, Ashraf Naji and Jamal Mustafa Musa. The occupation also delivered notices to stop construction in agricultural rooms, belonging to citizens Ahmed Abdel Rahim Deeb and Mahmoud Azat Ali Ahmed.

The Israeli occupation forces and their bulldozers continue to raze and confiscate dozens of dunams of land on the eastern side of the village of Iskaka, which is adjacent to the settlement of “Novi Nehemia”. Where legal follow-up takes place in coordination between the governorate, the village council and the competent authorities after providing the people with the necessary documents.

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