The Ministry of Economy issues a decision on allocating days to provide its services

The Ministry of National Economy issued a decision to allocate days for providing services to the Ministry’s auditors.
The Ministry’s General Department for Media and Public Relations said in a statement issued today: “The decision stipulates the allocation of days to receive the customers who wish to obtain the services of the ministry. Natural Resources, the Directorate of Stamping and Precious Metals Control, the Consumer Protection Department on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, and the auditors of the General Administration of Industry and the
Intellectual Property Department are received on Mondays and Wednesdays. “
The Ministry issued a circular to service recipients that working hours start from nine in the morning until one in the afternoon, and no references will be allowed to enter before or after the specified time.
The circular indicated that the auditors must take preventive and safety measures when receiving service in the ministry.
The ministry has set conditions for service recipients while they are in the ministry’s departments and departments, including wearing masks throughout their stay at the service delivery center, sterilizing hands well, recording full data with the receptionist, bringing a special pen for all references, maintaining physical distancing within the service centers, adhering to the instructions Issued by the official authorities.

The ministry said: It will not be allowed to enter the ministry for anyone showing symptoms of the disease, and only those with transactions will be allowed to enter the ministry.
The Ministry called on persons over the age of 60 years not to visit the ministry in order to preserve it.