The Palestinian People’s Struggle Front, in the North Gaza Governorate, launched a group of balloons in the air, bearing slogans denouncing the normalization between the UAE and Bahrain with Israel under the auspices of the US administration, calling on the people of the UAE and Bahrain to reject normalization with the occupation state.
Nahedh Shabat, a member of the Front’s Central Media Committee, said that without realizing the aspirations of our Palestinian people in establishing an independent Palestinian state with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital, the right of return for the refugees who were expelled from their homes, the release of all detainees from all Israeli prisons, and our people having all their rights, there will be no security, prosperity, or peace In the region.
Shabat called for the speedy implementation of the recommendations of the general secretaries-general meeting of the factions to restore national unity and end the hateful division and form a national unity government based on the principle of political partnership for all forces and factions to prepare for the elections.
He added that the financial blockade, economic sanctions and the siege on Gaza will not break the resolve and will of our people in the face of all liquidation and surrender projects.
Shabat called on all masses of our Palestinian people in all places of their presence to participate in popular activities in all regions to denounce and reject all normalization agreements between Arab countries and the occupation state without ending the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.