The Refugees Department and the Relief Agency of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine in the Gaza Strip continue their unremitting efforts to stand up to their responsibilities in light of the Corona pandemic, to support our people and protect them from this global epidemic.

Where the department launched a relief media awareness-raising campaign in partnership with the Popular Committees for Refugees in the Bureij and Nuseirat camps in order to ensure the safety of the camp residents, and to stand by their side in these emergency health conditions that pass on our people with the outbreak of the Corona epidemic and the presence of casualties within the Palestinian community.

Within the framework of this continuous campaign, the Department and the Popular Committees sprayed main streets in the Nuseirat and Al Bureij camps and sterilized them completely, for a safe movement without any risks for the camp residents, in conjunction with the payment of the salaries of public and private sector employees, and in light of the daily needs of the camp residents in terms of food and medical supplies. And others.

The department went along with the popular committees in Al-Wusta camps for days on end, in several directions, including publishing information materials and awareness posters, and distributing medical materials such as masks, gloves and sterilization materials.

The department will continue its activities and efforts, in partnership with the People’s Committee for Refugees in Nuseirat Camp, to distribute meals in cooperation with the Nuseirat Tekke, over a period of three continuous days, targeting poor and sheltered families inside the camp.