Dozens of Palestinians participated in a protest stand today, Tuesday morning, in front of the supply center in the middle of Jabalia camp in response to a call made by the national and Islamic forces, the popular committees for refugees emanating from the Palestine Liberation Organization and other forces, rejecting the cuts by UNRWA and the decline of its services in various groups in the refugee camps and the rest of the populated areas .
The participants in the vigil, which was punctuated by angry chants, raised the flags of Palestine and slogans expressing their adherence to the right of return and not accepting to harm it, as well as their right for UNRWA to continue providing its services to them without discrimination or diminution.

In turn, the leader, Nabil Diab, the media official in the Popular Committee for Refugees – Jabalia Camp, stressed that this event came as an urgent necessity to unify efforts and coordinate positions between the various political, national and popular components to counter attempts to pass UNRWA liquidation plans on the way to write off the refugee issue with a malicious approach linked to reducing services and trying to promote Through this open scheme, that the refugee issue is a humanitarian relief issue, in contrast to what it is a political issue par excellence, and that the responsibility to defend it rests on the shoulders of all sincere, jealous people of our people who are loyal to its enormous sacrifices, and that the camp constitutes by its symbolism a circumvention of this national constant, no matter how difficult the situation becomes.
In the same context, Dr. Farid Al-Nayrab, project officer in the People’s Committee for Refugees – Jabalia Camp, read the press release issued by the National Forces and Popular Committees for Refugees in North Gaza Governorate, which carried the implications of the absolute rejection of attempts to harm the refugee issue and the marketing of what UNRWA called the introduction of programs to improve the services it provides, adding By saying that the Popular Forces and Committees for Refugees sensing the imminent danger to the masses of refugees, it warns the UNRWA administration against implementing the reduction of various services, and demands it to immediately withdraw from all the measures it recently announced, which it considers a clear reduction that will not be accepted at all.
He added: “These cuts and the decline of services coincide with the attempts to pass liquidation plans for the Palestinian cause, specifically the so-called deal of the century, stressing in this context that these attempts do not deceive us and that our people, despite the difficult living conditions, are able to confront them, confront them and thwart them. He will not accept bargaining with him over his human dignity and trading in his national rights. “

He stressed that a series of protest activities will be organized in the coming days so that the UNRWA administration responds to the demands that services not be compromised and the necessity to continue to provide them to the masses of refugees without distinction in commitment to their responsibilities entrusted to them and to stop this policy that constitutes an offense to the dignity of our people and denies its steadfastness and sacrifices and its adherence to its temporary survival The camps until the return to Palestine