The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine congratulated the brotherly people of Sudan and their government for removing their country’s name from the American list of states “supporting terrorism”, as the United States presumes, and resorting to it as a weapon in the fight against peoples and pressuring them to undermine their political will and join its international and regional projects in their conflicts Non-principled, to seize the world’s wealth, plunder it, impoverish and starve people, and dominate the new fascist ideology preached by Donald Trump and his ally in Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. 
The Front appreciated that the move to liberate Sudan from the yoke of American pressure, by removing its name from Washington’s list of countries named supportive of terrorism, would be a milestone for brotherly Sudan to move towards a new stage of construction, development, prosperity, security, stability
and social justice, and more support for our Palestinian people in their national struggle to win their national rights. Legitimacy and roll back the Israeli occupation.

In the same context, the Front condemned the American bullying policy that imposed on Sudan to pay millions of dollars under the pretext of compensation to those affected by terrorism, and called on the international community, headed by the Security Council and the General Assembly of the United Nations, to adopt the
American rule in the Sudan case, to impose it, from the site of international justice, Both Washington and Tel Aviv, which have committed thousands of massacres, crimes against humanity and war crimes, against the peoples of the earth, either through bloody aggression, or by imposing
Siege on peoples to destroy their economy. At the forefront of these peoples are our Arab peoples, in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan and others, as well as the peoples in Iran and Afghanistan, and the general countries of Latin America, the Democratic Republic of Korea, Russia, China and others, so who will suffer harm and damage from the policies Aggressive American-Israeli.

The Front concluded by calling for the peoples of the earth who have always fought for freedom and national dignity, in solidarity with each other in defense of their legitimate rights and to defeat the American-Israeli aggression projects.